Kursen på den albanske valuta Lek

Last update:   11:58:56, 15.02.2019

  Albanian Lek per Foreign Currency Unit
US Dollar USD 110.24 -0.04
Euro EUR 124.37 +0.01
Great Britain Pound GBP 141.31 -0.18
Swiss Franc CHF 109.55 +0.18
Japanese Yen (100) JPY 99.86 +0.54
Australian Dollar AUD 78.25 -0.06
Canadian Dollars CAD 82.96 -0.18
Swedish Krona SEK 11.86 -0.02
Norwegian Krone NOK 12.73 0.00
Denmark Krone DKK 16.67 +0.01
Special Drawing Rights SDR 152.74 -0.51
Gold(OZ 1) XAU 145130.96 +1,159.32
Silver(OZ 1) XAG 1723.05 +5.99
Chinese Yuan (onshore) CNY 16.29 +0.01
Chinese Yuan (offshore) CNH 16.25 0.00
Turkish Lira TRY 20.91 +0.10


The Albanian lek (Albanian: Leku Shqiptar; plural: lekë) (sign: L; code: ALL) is the official currency of Albania. It is subdivided into 100 qindarka (singular: qindarkë), though no qindarka notes or coins are used anymore. The currency has been used since 1926.


The lek may be named after Alexander the Great, who was depicted on the first lek coin.

The lek was introduced in 1926 during the reign of King Zog I (Ahmet Zogu). The lek's etymology is questioned, but there are two commonly accepted theories. Some believe the currency was named after the Macedonian conqueror, Alexander the Great, for being depicted on the obverse and reverse of the first 1 lek coin. Others state that it was named after Albanian feudal Lekë Dukagjini. The name "qindarkë" is derived from the Albanian word, qind, meaning "one hundred". Thus, the term has the same meaning as centime, cent, centesimo, euro cent, stotinka, etc.