Interest rates

Bank of Albania - Interbank money market rates

Last update: 09.08.2019

Interbank money market rates
TRIBID 'Tirana Interbank Bid Rate' 
6M  6-month 0.88%
1M  1-month 0.78%
o/n  overnight 0.53%
12M  12-month 0.99%
3M  3-month 0.86%
1W  one week 0.76%
TRIBOR 'Tirana Interbank Offer Rate' 
6M  6-month 1.67%
1M  1-month 1.28%
o/n  overnight 1.07%
12M  12-month 2.02%
3M  3-month 1.51%
1W  one week 1.11%



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