Old Girl wanted!

The statue "The girl from Vlorë" (Albanian: Vazha e Vlores) is dressed in a traditional Illyrian womans garment and it dates back from the 4th century B.C.
The statue, which is 87 centimeters in height, is carved in limestone from the nearby historical  village of Kanina overlooking the city of Vlorë.
The girl from Vlorë was excavated about 1940 in the center of Vlorë by Italian soldiers. She unfortunately disappeared, but has later been traced - but not found - to Japan. The last time the statue was seen, was at an antiques exhibition in Paris in the 1980ties. 
Any information about the old girl and her whereabouts will be very much appreciated. 
The girl from Vlora 2012 AD
Famous Albanian singer Nazif Cela sings about a girl from Vlora.