Yachting in Albania


Yachting is pretty recent in Albania and less developed than in the neighbouring countries.

Even if Albanians are generally friendly and helpful, laws and how they are enforced can be a headache, even for locals.

So read the following carefully to avoid some of the most common problems encountered by yachtsmen....


Each crew member should hold a valid passport, even if some European ID cards are accepted. Passports are usually stamped on entry and exit of the country.

Europeans are allowed to stay 3 months out of 6 in Albania, other nationalities may have different rules. Check with your Embassy.

A fine can be imposed if you overstay!

Ship's papers

You need the usual flag certificate and proof of insurance.


As in other European Countries.

Port of Entry/Exit, from/to abroad

Albania offers 5 possibilities: Durres, Shën Gjin, Vlora, Orikum Marina and Sarandë.



Phone: +355 52 223115

e-mail: info@apdurres.com.al

Shen Gjin:

Phone: +355 28 122201


Phone: +355 33 409700

Orikum Marina:

Phone: +355 69 5350233

e-mail: marinaorikum@hotmail.it

web: www.orikum.it


Phone: +355 85 222235

Web: www.portisarande.com.al/



This is the most important and a for foreigners unusual procedure.

Pleasure boats in Albania are regarded as ships, so bring a super-tanker or a 6m boat in and you will have to follow the same procedures....

Clear in and out at every port (see list above) even if you stay in Albania.

You will have to hire a local agent in each port with the exeption of Orikum Matina!

You should receive a A5 white or rosa paper at the first entry and at each new port.This states your next port of call. Once there, give it to your new agent.

The agent has to give you another one prior to departure (this is the clearance paper!)

For transit boats, one clearance is valid for 7 days once inside Albania. Inform your agent to avoid paying for a new one!

If you plan to stop underway (Porto Palermo or other anchorage), declare the next real port (see list above).

A fine may be imposed if you do not follow these procedures.

Vignette or other tax

No, but the clearance system, see above.

Weather forecasts

There are no local weather forecasts dedicated for the sea. Find the best information on the internet (Windfinder, GRIB, etc). Problems to look for are strong southerlies (Sirocco), local fall winds (mostly on the south coast between Karaburun and Sarande) and short lived thunderstorm systems during summer.


They are no Albanian charts. BA are the best to our knowledge. Electronic charts normally work rather well.

The still marked  ”Former mined areas” are safe for crossing!

Cruising guide

777 is one of the few guides known to offer some advice.

(Partly from Sail-Albania)