The situation as of February 2019:

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On Albania’s progress in fulfilling the five key priorities for the opening of EU accession talks.

Tirana February 2019



Since the Council conclusions in June 2018, Albania has maintained and deepened the reform momentum and consolidated its progress in the fulfilment of the five key priorities. Justice reform is the main instrument driving forward reforms especially the fight against corruption and organised crime. It is the most comprehensive reform undertaken in Albania or in other Western Balkan countries. Following the unanimous vote in the Parliament on the constitutional amendments in 2016, the justice reform has delivered results that confirm its irreversible path.

The re-evaluation process for judges and prosecutors (vetting) has delivered tangible results, including on high-ranking members of the judiciary, under the oversight of the International Monitoring Operation. 

The following report aims to inform the EU member states and the EU institutions on Albania’s continued and sustained results in fulfilling the five key priorities for the opening of EU accession talks, providing up-to-date information covering the period until February 2019.

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